GMIT College Week 2012

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Dear Residents,

As per the terms for your Glasán lease, please be advised that Glasán will be fully enforcing the policy of ‘No over night Visitors’ permitted during GMIT College week (Rag week official or unofficial) please refer to your lease term (section 10 of the special conditions)

These measures are taken for your protection and the protection of the Glasan properties.

For two weeks starting Sunday, 19th February, Glasán will be strictly enforcing this ‘NO over night VISITORS’ rule. Any non-residents found on Glasán grounds/common areas or found in any property behaving in anti social behaviour manner will be escorted from the premises, and those residents responsible will face disciplinary action. Under the terms of the residential tenancy act 2004, you as a resident at Glasán are responsible for your guests.

The main entrance to Glasán will be sealed off and manned by security personnel. Access will be granted to residents only – we strongly advise that you carry your official GMIT Student card with you at all times for ID purposes. The ‘NO PARTIES’ rule will be more strictly policed during this time and under no circumstances will drinking in any of the open spaces/common areas be tolerated at any time. The removal of furniture from the properties is strictly prohibited.

Any residents found to be in breach of any village rules or terms of their lease, or found to be engaging in anti social behaviour will face disciplinary which may result in eviction. Please refer to page over for Anti-Social notice. Glasán staff and security will be actively taking live video footage of incidents on site. This footage will be passed to the GMIT Disciplinary Board or the Guards for further action.

If you are concerned for your well being and welfare here at Glasán please don’t hesitate to contact Glasán office in confidence or Student welfare services at GMIT for support. You have the right to peaceful occupation of your property.

If you have any queries on any of the information contained in this letter please feel free to contact the office.

Yours Sincerely

Olivia O’Brien
Operations Manager

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