Rag Week 2011

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While we appreciate that Rag Week is a time of fun and enjoyment, we must remind you that anti sociable behaviour, acts of vandalism to property / grounds and serious breach of lease will not be tolerated at Glasán Student Village. Below are some notes for your attention;

  1. Drinking in public areas is prohibited. Please dispose of bottles/cans/cigarette that may be found outside your house/apt. It just takes 2 minutes!
  2. Do not remove furniture from your unit, this is the property of the owner and is not to be used externally. Damages caused to owners contents will be payable by tenants.  
  3. Noise Levels – consideration on noise levels needs to be given to sharers and neighbours who may have lectures or projects due at this time. Please refrain disturbing activities such as shouting, loud music, parties etc. Speakers and amplifiers projecting noise onto common areas are strictly prohibited.
  4. Anti Social Behaviour: In accordance with Residential Tenancies Law, tenants are not obliged to behave within their unit, or in the vicinity of it, in a way that is anti-social. If any form of anti-social behaviour occurs or is engaged in by you or your visitors or other occupants of the dwelling, Glasán are required to immediately proceed to terminate your tenancy. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GUESTS.

 Anti Social behaviour

  • constitutes behaviour that can effect the well-being or welfare of others
  • constitutes behaviour that causes, or could cause fear, danger, injury, damage or loss to any person living, working or otherwise lawfully in the dwelling concerned or its vicinity and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, includes violence, intimidation, coercion, harassment or obstruction of, or threats to, any such person, or
  • constitutes behaviour that prevents or interferes with the peaceful occupation of sharers or neighbours

5.  Personal Responsibility: you are ultimately responsible for your own security and the security of your house/apartment Ensure your windows, doors and curtains are closed when the property is vacant and at nightSecurity are onsite to monitor and deter, they are not the arm of the law. If you are the victim of a criminal offence you must call the guards immediately, Glasán staff cannot do this on your behalf, as the guards will want to speak to you as the victim. Your local Garda station at Mill Street Garda Station, Galway on Tel No: 091-563161. For your own safety;

The GMIT have also furnished us with the following leaflets, if you could take just a few minutes to go through & have a quick read of them!

RAG Week Welfare

Drink Aware

 Enjoy your week in safe and sensible manner.
Kind Regards, Glasán Mgmt Co.

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