Permit Parking

If I want to bring a car, can I park outside my house?

Yes, Glasán Student Village has an external parking control company APCOA contracted to manage parking onsite. If you have a car and wish to park in Glasán you must purchase a parking permit, cost €10 for entire academic year – August – June. 

APCOA have introduced an online application process by which you can apply for your parking permit that does not require for a physical permit to be displayed. You will require your car registration number, credit/debit card details and CAO/Student ID number to complete your online registration.

Where do I apply for my permit? 

Please log onto APCOA’s website below that will take you to the permit section;

Once your online application has been processed it will come to the Glasan office for approval.

No permit will be issued. Your details will be saved in your APCOA account for your profile.

Can I have more than one parking permit?

You can have registered 3 x vehicles under your profile at any one time but only 1 can be active at any one time. Ensure you “protect” the car that you will be bringing to Glasan. You will be liable for clamping if you do not have your current vehicle protected correctly.

If my friend is coming over to stay can they park outside my property?

You need to first sign in your friend with reception.  If they are bringing a car you must ensure to purchase a Visitor Permit at this time also from Reception.  There is an added cost to obtain a Visitor Permit for a car.  If your guests park on site without a valid permit they are liable to be clamped.

Please note for the month of September Glasan operates a strict no overnight visitor policy therefore visitor permits will not be available for overnight use.

I live in one of the apartments above the commercial/creche area, can I park here? 

No, the Glasán commercial areas, those outside the shop/restaurant/office area and the area directly across the road in front of apartments 176-179 (creche) are for commercial parking only. Parking here is restricted to 60 minutes only. Cars parked at the commercial units for more than 1 hour will be clamped with a release fee of €125.00.

Please note that even with a valid permit you are not permitted to park in any of the commercial areas at the entrance to Glasán. 

Can my permit be revoked at any time? 

Abusing Your Permit: Please note that any student found in breach of village rules for joyriding, speeding and causing general recklessness will be asked to remove their vehicle permanently.

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