Electricity/Bill Management

How do I pay for my electricity during my stay? 

An electricity prepayment and bill fee of €550.00 is made per applicant and is payable along with the 1st Moiety. Each house/apartment is metered for pre-pay electricity, and is topped up over the course of the academic year. Our service provider is Prepay Power.

The pre-pay meters allow students to monitor and have greater control over their electricity usage on a daily basis. In the unlikely event that a house/apt runs out of electricity credit between top-ups they simply report this to management/security who will provide them with a top-up card, allowing the students to purchase additional credit from a local Paypoint shop. At the end of the academic year if credit remains on the meter this will be reimbursed equally among all residents in the house/apt.

How will I know how much credit I have left?

To see your remaining credit in euro just press B on the grey meter box in your hallway or contact the office for login details for your Prepay Power account.

What happens when my credit is running low?

When your credit reduces to €1.50 you’ll hear an alarm that will sound for a few moments. Also a message will appear on screen prompting you to accept “emergency credit” This will allow you to use €10 “emergency credit” which will be taken from your next top-up.

How can I check what my electricity usage is in my house?

You have an online account to check usage, please contact the office for login details.

If you feel the usage is quite high you will need to ensure that your heaters are set correctly and also that your immersion has been set correctly.

Please see this step by step guide to ensure your heaters are set correctly.  Are you ensuring everything is switched off when you are not at home? Is your immersion set correctly?

Electricity is managed internally so this is the responsibility of the occupants of the house to monitor what electricity is being used.  Glasán have no way of monitoring this.


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