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The end of another academic year is almost upon us with the official end of lease date being 2nd June 2012 12.00 p.m.  You must vacate your accommodation by this deadline.

Your Key card will expire at 12.00 pm on 2nd June 2012, the office will not be open on this day therefore you will not be granted access to your property to remove personal belongings after this time. We will be advising security not to grant access after this date. Please ensure you are ready to vacate by 12.00 pm.

The office will be closed the week of the 4th June 2012 as all staff will be on site completing house checks. If you require assistance please leave a voicemail on our office phone 091 773333 or send us an email to [email protected]. We will revert as soon as we are back in the office.

Please read through the following carefully for end of year check out procedure;

(A)       All Key Cards must be returned to RECEPTION on departure and not left in houses/Apts. Keys may be dropped through the letterbox if office is closed at time of departure. If unreturned, a fee of €10 will be charged per card, to be deducted from your deposit. If your key card is in bad condition and not readable in our machine then we will have no way of telling who this key belongs to so we would recommend placing your key in an envelope with your house number and room on the outside if your key card is not in good condition.  We do not accept key cards after the 2nd June 2012.

(B)        Your bedroom and/or en-suite should be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed on departure with all personal items/refuse removed. Unclean items such as cutlery, crockery etc should be returned to the kitchen and washed for inventory count. Such items remaining in your bedroom will be deemed as missing and charged to your deposit. You (and your sharer for twin bedrooms are solely responsible for your bedroom. Ensure that bedroom windows and doors are securely locked on departure. Please close out your bedroom door on your departure

(C)        Ensure that all common areas in your Apartment / House are left clean and tidy on departure. Areas often overlooked when cleaning are:

  1. Cupboards, cutlery/crockery, saucepans/pots, fridge, oven/oven trays, hob/extractor fan, microwave, kettle, toaster. Ensure that the freezer is defrosted and the fridge is cleaned out thoroughly.
  2. Ensure that the storage unit under each bed and under the stairs is cleared out and clean.
  3. Please clean shower doors, behind toilet and toilet bowl when cleaning bathrooms.
  4. Please ensure that outside your front door and your back garden is clean and tidy.
  5. When cleaning floors, please follow instructions on cleaning products as too much or too little can lead to sticky surfaces and / or unsatisfactory results and may have to be professionally cleaned. Wooden floors only require a very little amount of water, excess and the wooden floor will be damaged

(D)       Cleaners are given instructions to dispose of Items left behind after checkout date. Removal costs incurred for the removal of large items will be passed to the tenant. We are not in a position to store items that have been left behind, please ensure that you remove all personal belongings on departure.

(E)        Please leave all the kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, fully cleaned, grouped together (i.e. keep all plates together, all glasses together, etc.) in the kitchen presses and drawers.

Residents may, if they chose, replace missing/broken items to the same standard as existing items prior to their departure rather than have them charged to their deposit. A full list of inventory items is available from reception.

(F)      Hoovers/Vacuum Cleaner: All Hoovers/vacuum cleaners must be returned in full working order at the end of the student year. This includes: dust compartment emptied and all parts present and in working order. Hoovers/vacuums with missing and/or damaged parts will be deemed unusable and to be replaced with charge being borne by residents.

(G)       All Mattress protectors should be laundered and left folded on the bed prior to departure. These form part of the inventory and if found to be unclean or missing on departure, the resident will be charged for a replacement.

(H)       Ensure the bicycle sheds located to the back of your house are clean and clear of rubbish or any items. Bicycle sheds found with disposed waste at the end of the year will be cleaned by the management company and a charge applied to the deposits of the house holders.

(I)          All unused food, empty cans/bottles must be removed to your designated bin area and the bottle bank area before departure. Again additional costs incurred by cleaners for such will be passed to the tenant.

As you are all aware there are waste management centres strategically placed about the Glasán site; you can identify the area most convenient to you. A 2-bin system is available in each area comprising of:

  • General Waste (Red Bin) – All black bag material (Non-recyclable).
  • Clean Dry Recyclables (Green Bin) – Paper, Plastic, Tetra, Steel Tins, and Aluminum Cans


NOTE: A Glass Recycling centre is also located on site. 3 bottle bins are provided for green, clear and brown glass.  Please ensure that you separate your glass accordingly.


Please note while we carry out 3 routine inspections during the academic year, they are completed to monitor the level of cleanliness and to review any major damages within the units however,

Glasán staff will be carrying out a full & thorough inspection on every property after departure. We concentrate on 4 main aspects at Book-out: cleaning, painting, maintenance and inventory

  1. Fair wear & tear on cleaning and painting costs are allocated to the Landlord. Excessive wear & tear is apportioned against student deposits. Where painting is required due to marking or damage of walls, painting contractors will be carrying out this work with fair wear and tear costs being charged to Landlords and excessive costs being charged to tenants
  1. Inventory and maintenance – tenants are asked to check and sign for inventory items on arrival. They are also asked to report all maintenance issues on arrival. Glasán replenish missing items and address maintenance issues. Records are kept of all this work. On student departure Glasán management and staff carry out a full inventory/maintenance check on your apartment. Items found broken/missing (beyond fair wear & tear) are charged back to the tenants. Fair wear & tear items are charged back to Landlords. There are a number of items that we consider fair wear and tear every year and these are always billed back to the landlord, e.g. mop head, chopping board, dish wash brush & wooden spoon etc.

Please note that a Damage Disclaimer can be completed on departure should a tenant wish to accept/not accept responsibility for any damages within his/her unit. The onus is on the tenant to complete this form and have it signed by all other residents of that unit. Damages in common areas will be divided evenly between the household where a disclaimer has not been submitted to the office.


We do not carry out individual room/house checks on students departing before the end of lease date (2nd June 2012) if you are departing before your co tenants we would urge you to submit a fully completed disclaimer confirming no damages at the time, please ensure your bedroom door is firmly closed.

Outstanding invoices applicable to your properties prior to the end of tenancy MUST be settled in full prior to your departure to avoid the security deposit going into insufficient funds.

Security deposits will be returned 8-10 weeks after end of lease date (as per your lease terms).

Deposit queries must be made in writing to Glasán office within 30 days of issue date. 


Please collect a Student Deposit Return Form from the office if you have not submitted one previously.

We will not be in a position to refund your deposit at the end of your tenancy without bank account details.

We look forward to possibly welcoming you back to Glasán for 2012/2013 and we would like to wish you every success for your forthcoming Exams & Summer 2012.

Yours sincerely

Olivia O’Brien

Operations Manager

For Glasán Management Company Ltd

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