Permit Parking

Glasán operate a permit parking system onsite through a company called APCOA. Vehicles that park onsite that do not display a valid permit are at risk of being clamped.

Permit applications are to be made online. Permit cost for the academic year is €10.  You will require your car registration number, credit/debit cards details and CAO/Student ID number to complete your application.

**Please ensure you apply for a Glasán permit and NOT a GMIT permit. Please also include your Glasán house/apartment number for your address and not your home address. 

You must ensure not to park in any commercial areas, the max stay is 60 minutes, even with a valid permit as you will be liable to be clamped if you exceed the 60 minute max stay.  The commercial areas are located in front of the office/shop units and outside the crèche unit.

Visitor Car Permits are also available from Reception only.  There is an added cost to obtain a Visitor Permit for your visitor’s car, please check with reception.


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