Sharing Requests

Sharing with Friends:

If you wish to Share with a friend, either in a room or just the same house, you must apply to do so through your Student Portal. Please note, the house mate you wish to share with must have applied through the online system already and should pass their TCAS Reference ID number to you so you can apply to share with them.

How to apply to Share with a Friend – lead tenant

  1. Log in to your student portal
  2. Under Home, click on Room Sharing.
  3. Enter desired house mate’s TCAS ID number. Click validate. Their name should auto-fill in to the name field.
  4. Click Submit. The request will move to “Sharing Request To” and have the status of pending. You can either send additional requests or stop here and wait for the other party to accept the request.

How to apply to Share with a second, third, etc. students

  1. Only the lead tenant can invite a second, third student to share.
  2. The second, third etc student should pass their Tcas ID number to the lead tenant as they must issue the sharing request
  3. The second, third etc should must log in to their student portal and go to the Room Sharing page.
  4. They will find your request waiting.
  5. They should click confirm and it will change the status to Confirmed.
  6. At this point, the room share will show up in the back office Sharing page.

Rules regarding sharing requests:

  1. The first student to initiate a sharing request can send multiple requests.
  2. If a student has accepted a request, they cannot send any requests out.
  3. If a student has a pending request, they cannot send any requests out. (They must reject and delete [using the red x] to get this request out of their portal and then they will be able to send new sharing requests out).
  4. If a student has a request accepted, you cannot send a request to them.
  5. If a student has a pending request, you can send a request to
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