There are damages in my houses that have not been caused by me, how do I deal with this?

You must report the damages directly to the office as soon as possible.  You will be issued with a Damages Disclaimer Form that you must have your other housemates sign taking responsibility for the damages caused.  Damages in common areas will be divided evenly between the household where a disclaimer has not been submitted to the office.

Can I fix / replace these items myself?

As per the terms of your lease agreement you have a period of 14 days to instruct a qualified contractor and produce their Public Liability Insurance into the office to make good on repairs. Failure to produce the above paperwork within the 14 day period will result in the office passing over the works to our contractor and you will be invoiced for the repairs.  A Management Fee will be applied to the invoice for our services.  This is payable within 14 days and will not be deducted from your damages deposit on file.

Can any damages be deducted from my deposit?

No, the security damages deposit is for the end of term and cannot be used for any charges during the academic year.

What happens if I don’t pay these charges on my account? 

Disciplinary action will be applied if you do not pay on or before the 14 days expire.  Furthermore a late fee will be applied to your bill.   This may lead to Notice of Termination.

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