Inventory Check List

All individual items of the household inventory have been counted prior to your arrival.  Missing items have been replaced. We deem all items of inventory now present.  The full list of Inventory items per household are now uploaded to our TCAS online student system, the household are now responsible for these items.

Each individual student must complete an online count of your own bedroom, the ensuite and the common areas of the household via your student portal; this must be completed on or before close of business by a set date in September.  Inventory reports that are received after this date students will be liable for missing items and these will not be replaced by the office.

Please follow these steps to complete the inventory

  • Log into your Student Portal
  • Go to Resident Administration Section
  • Go to Inventory Checks
  • Agree/disagree with the number of items in the room by hitting Yes/No buttons listed next to the items.  Then hit “Submit”.


  • All properties have been fully inspected prior to check in, however should you find that there are any maintenance issues (i.e. blown light bulbs) you will need to report them, please report them under the ‘ Log maintenance Issues’ of your student portal.  Please ensure you issue as much RELEVANT information as possible.
  • Maintenance issues found on arrival must be reported via your student portal by the same set date as your inventory. Emergency maintenance such as plumbing or electrical should be reported to reception immediately, this is your legal obligation as a tenant.
All maintenance issues over the course of the year should be reported online through your Student Portal “maintenance” section. 

If you have any queries on the above please do not hesitate in contacting the office.

Please see below a list of some household items that you may not be familiar with to assist you in this procedure;

Grill Pan & Handle


Mixing Bowl

Serving Spoon

Clothes Horse/Airer

Egg Turner


Dish Drainer

Casserole Dish & Lid

Microwave Cover


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