After I have moved out, how long after will my deposit be refunded to me?

All deposits are processed and refunded within 6-8 weeks from the end of tenancy.

How do I get my security deposit back?

All Glasán deposits are returned by bank transfer.  You must ensure to update your student portal with the relevant bank account details you wish the deposit to be transferred to.

I have received my deposit but I am unsure of some charges or wish to query, how do I do this?

Once you have received your Security Deposit Statement all deposit queries are to be submitted in writing into the office.  This can be done by post or by email [email protected].  Glasán will then investigate your query and issue a response in writing.  Due to the volume of calls we receive, deposit refund queries generally are not dealt with over the phone but if possible details will be taken from you regarding your query and you will receive a response in writing.

Why have I been charged for painting, should my Landlord not pay for that?

Any painting that is required that is considered to be above fair wear and tear is charged back to the tenants.  An example of this would be tan marks on walls or scuff marks caused from furniture up against walls.

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