What is the role of Security? 

Security staff is employed as a point of contact for all residents and are here to monitor and deter. Please remember they are not an arm of the law and they cannot be expected to protect any one individual person and/or property at any given time. Residents are responsible for their own security, that of their apartment and their possessions. Residents should ensure that they have their access cards and ID on their possession at all times.

Where is security based?

Security has an office located beside Reception at the front of the village.

Customer Service & Support;

Onsite Security: static security onsite outside office hours. Onsite Security contact No. 0818 919 247

For emergencies outside office and onsite security hours please call Active Security, Emergency number 0818 919 247

How will I contact security if I need assistance?

You can call the onsite security contact number on 0818 919 247.   All these numbers are located on the window of the security and reception offices also.

There is noise disturbances outside my property, what do I do?

Please phone security to report this disturbance who will take the necessary action to rectify the noise disturbance. Do not investigate or take matters into your own hands, secure your property, ensure windows and doors are secured.

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