Key Cards

If You Get Locked Out:

During Academic Office hours please call to the office to request access. You will be issued with a single entry key card at a €5.00 charge. On return of this key card you will be refunded €2.00.

Outside of Office and Security hours you have 2 Options available;

1)                  If security are not on duty and you call for a lock out, you will be advised it will be a cost of €30 as a call out charge in order for security to come to the village and grant you access to your house/room. You will be issued a charge on your student portal for payment.

2)                  You can also choose to wait until security are on site and then a €5.00 charge will apply, this is payable the next day through your student portal.  The Security contact number is 0818 919 247

During Security hours – request access from security personnel onsite. €5.00 charge will apply for access granted during security hours. (Security hours are published on the security office window and on your student portal notice board). This is paid through your student portal and not to security.

If you Lose Your Key:

A new key card can be obtained from reception.  For security reasons Lost / Missing Keys should be reported to the office immediately. Cost of key card replacement is €10.00.

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