General Terms of Living in Glasan

Booking & Allocation of Room – Glasán accommodation is available to all third level training institutes. Rooms will be offered to existing students as priority initially and then booking lines will be open publicly and we invite all other applicants to book. Once booking lines are open publicly, rooms will be offered on a lottery system and not a first come first served basis. If your application has been successful you will be informed by email of the room type you have been allocated and requested to pay your deposit. A receipt for deposit payment can be printed from your student portal account.

Application Cancellation Policy;

If the applicant is unsuccessful in their application to their chosen college and wishes to cancel the accommodation, the applicant must cancel by email by close of business on the 13th August 2021. Cancellations by telephone will not be accepted.

In the event of cancellation by the aforementioned date, a €100 cancellation fee will be deducted from the booking/damage deposit and the remainder refunded. Refunds will be issued by bank transfer only. If the applicant cancels after the cut-off date outlined above, no refund will be issued and the full €300 deposit will be retained.

Tenant Cancellation Policy;

If the tenant cancels after having paid the first moiety, or at any time during the course of the lease agreement, a refund of rent will only be made after the bed-space has been resold and paid for. The cancelling tenant is responsible for rent for any period up until the new tenant moves in. Glasán is not obliged to find a replacement tenant.

Failure to refill the bed space will result in the tenant losing all monies paid. If a replacement tenant is found a partial rental refund will be processed from when the new tenant moves in.  No refund on the €300 booking/damage deposit will be issued after 13th August 2021 as per cancellation policy.  After check in, any electricity prepayment applied to the pre-paid meter cannot be refunded. The utilities and bill management fee will be refunded on a pro rata basis from the date of the payment of the replacement tenant.

Please note that when a student leaves, management has the right to move another resident into that student’s vacant room.  If this occurs, the student must still find a replacement for the room which is vacant.

Late Applicants;

For any late applicants booking after the 13th August 2021 where spaces have become available due to cancellation, full payment must be made within 24 hours of offer of room or the room will be forfeit.

For any applicant who is successful in securing a late offer, once the booking / damage deposit is paid to secure the room, no refund will be given in the event of cancellation after this 24-hour period.

Semester 2;

Any applicant who is successful in securing a bed space for Semester 2, once the booking / damage deposit is paid to secure the room there will be a 24-hour cooling off period after which no refund will be given in the event of cancellation.


If a student is evicted, no refund will be made.

Lease Agreement;

A standard Lease Agreement is entered between the student and their Landlord.  The lease is obliged to follow the terms and conditions of the Village Rules, which outline the Rules & Regulations in place for the development and which forms part of the lease. It is a requirement that all students residing at Glasán MUST have a signed lease. The lease is available within your student portal. It must be signed by both Tenant and their Guarantors. The witness can be any person in the house hold over 18 years old. We do not require the lease to be signed in the presence of the office staff at check in. To avoid delays on check in, we require the lease to be fully completed and returned to the Glasán office at a date that will be confirmed in due course. 

Wi-Fi access codes and maintenance service will not be provided until the signed lease agreement is returned to the office.

Checking In & Key Collection;

Glasán will issue an email to successful applicants before arrival date detailing check in dates & times and what you will need to check-in. A key will be issued on arrival which will permit access to the allocated room.  No access will be given to apartment unless payment has been received in full.

Inventory & Maintenance Form;

An itemised list detailing all inventory items in your unit is available to each resident at the beginning of the student year for your reference.  All maintenance issues are to be logged separately under maintenance on your online student portal within 24 hours of arrival.

House inspections;

House inspections are carried out during the academic year with prior inspection notice being issued to each unit. Students are asked to have their unit in a clean and tidy condition for the inspection.

Insurance cover;

You are required to take out Insurance cover for your personal belongings as they are not insured on the Glasán policy.  We would recommend that your personal items are covered under your parent’s policy or USI recommend

Room Moves;

The Management company reserves the right to move a tenant to another property of the same room type within the complex should the property suffer a decrease in occupancy at any stage during the academic year

On Departure;

Glasán has a duty to provide accommodation to you the student and to also care for the units on behalf of our landlords. It is expected that houses/apartments be returned to Glasán in a similar condition to which they were received at the start of the year.  Glasán staff carry out a thorough check on all units following student departure with a focus on cleaning, painting, inventory and maintenance. The condition in which the unit is returned will have a strong bearing on deposit monies returned and on future accommodation applications being accepted and accommodation references being issued

  • Please pay attention to the cleaning of your hob, oven, grill pan and extractor throughout the year.
  • Painting charges can also escalate so please take care of walls & woodwork throughout your unit. Each student is responsible for his/her individual bedroom. General wear and tear is taken into consideration for the common areas but excessive damage is payable by the student.
  • Maintenance damages are to be reported throughout the year.
  • Curtains – please be aware of smoke damage – smoking is not permitted indoors at Glasán.
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