UPDATE on Academic Bookings – 25th August 2016:

  • Glasán is fully booked; if you wish to be put on our wait list, please complete an online application through the "book online" button.
  • Calls & Emails Queries Glasán is currently inundated with calls and emails, we may not have the opportunity to reply to all queries. We have a FAQ’s section on the website, this should answer many of your queries. Please take the time to read this information.
  • Glasán – Successful Applicants– If you have booked your accommodation, please note your accommodation is secure and Glasán will not cancel your accommodation without contacting you
  • Payment Queries –all payments must be made online through your student portal. Card or cheque payments cannot be made in the Glasán reception. Click our student portal link on our website, you will need your application number and email address used at time of applying to access your portal. Log into your student Portal – Under “Financials” – payment online – make payment
  • Tips for Making Payment And / 0r If you receive error messages:

– You must use Google Chrome when accessing the student portal, other browsers will not work

– Ensure you have enough funds on your credit/debit card

– Your debit card may have a daily limit (sometimes €1,500). Please ask your bank to increase this limit OR you can pay over 2 days by typing in the amount available on your card. You will receive this message: Your Credit Card transaction could not be processed. Returned: NOT AUTHORISED.

– Error Message: Your Credit Card transaction could not be be processed. Returned : Transaction blocked by merchant configuration. Please contact the merchant. The error above corresponds to a transaction that has failed because it was not 3dsecure (i.e. verified by visa). You must follow the steps to log in or create a password. You will need your bank account details to complete this section. This is an online security requirement of your bank and not a Glasán requirement.

Error Message: If you receive the message “awaiting response” there is a possibility that we will still get the payment. Please allow for 24 hours for Glasán to check our payment logs or alternatively you can check with your bank to see if payment will be processed. If payment has not been processed after 24 hours then you will need to try and make payment online again. At this stage the original payment will not go through.
Thank you for your Patience & Understanding

Information for Existing Students:
LEASE – please ensure it is fully signed, you can bring it with you on arrival.
ARRIVAL DATE; Glasán is open on Saturday 3rd September 10am – 4pm for check in



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